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Vitamins to help your nails

A poor diet can hurt your nails and hair. There are a few vitamins that will help your nails in many ways. Vitamin A helps nails grow. You can find it in oranges, carrots egg yolks , spinach and chard. Vitamin C prevents hang nails. Strawberry's , citrus fruits and red peppers are good for this. Biotin witch is a B vitamin helps to strengthen hair and nails. It can be found in salmon, bananas, carrots ,egg yolks and cruciferous vegetables. A lack of iron in your diet can lead to malformed and spoon-shaped nails.

white spots on finger nails

White spots on your nail plates usually are not a sign of illness or poor diet. They are a sign of stress or too harsh of chemicals used on the hands and nails. If you are peeling off your old polish that can do it too. Keeping your nails trimmed and well hydrated can help your nails recover. Always used the recommended polish remover .

gel polish

If you are using regular nail polish and it just doesn;t stay like you would like maybe it is time you try gel polish. It goes on just like regular polish but it is  dried under uv light. It will stay shiny and resist chipping for up to 2 weeks. Taking it off is a little more work but well worth it to have your nails looking good for so long. Great choice if you tend to smug your nails before they are dry. Gel polish drys rock hard it just a few minutes under the uv light.

Keep your nail nice and white

How to keep your nails nice and white. Use a 4 sided buffer every 2 weeks , it  will keep them white and the ridges will stay smooth.